2018                  animation for ARTE Karambolage

                           Artist residency with Anja Sidler and Delia Hess at La Fabbrica del Cioccolato, Dangio, Switzerland

2017                  DAAD grant for a comic project in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

  Drawing lessons for children at Acervo da Laje, Plataforma, Salvador de Bahia

  Portuguese Celpe Bras Exam: Intermediario Superior

2016–2017      Animation courses for refugees in Kassel, lectures at University of Kassel and University of Applied Sciences Fulda

2016                  Sacatar Artist Residency in Itaparica, Brazil

since 2015       freelance Artist, Illustrator, comics for STRAPAZIN and BISS Magazin

2011–2015       Studies in Illustration and Animation at School of Arts Kassel, Germany

2007–2011      Studies in Grafic-Design and Fine Arts at AdBK Nuremberg, Germany

2005–2006    Working as a Grafik-Designer in Bremgarten, Berne, Switzerland

2005–2007    Studies of Art History and History at University Berne, Switzerland

2002–2005    Design Formation at Basel School of Design, Switzerland

2002                 Internship in a day-care center for children in Basel, Switzerland

2000–2001     Preparation Course at Basel School of Design, Switzerland


FILMOGRAPHY (direction and animation)

2018                  Teewurst (digital animation), (commissioned work for ARTE Karambolage), 01:56 Min.

2015                  Ships Passing in the Night (Stop Motion / Mixed Media), 12:05 Min.

2013                  Hidden Track (Stop Motion / Mixed Media), 06:36 Min.

2011                   Dead Fish (Sandanimation), 03:06 Min.

2009                 To Buy or Not to Buy (Stop Motion), 07:11 Min.

2008                  Special Dinner (Clay Animation), 01:07 Min.


FILMOGRAPHY (participation)

2015                   Regelnull (Stop Motion),

                            Animation: Florian Maubach, Theresa Grysczok, Daniel Mass,

                            Storyboard and Animatic: Maike Koller, Florian Maubach, Eli Zwimpfer

2012                   Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit (drawn animation)

                             a film by Lea Schönfelder

                             Animation: Lea Schönfelder, Eli Zwimpfer



Drawing lessons with children and teenagers from Plataforma, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Cut Outs on window designed by the kids from Acervo da Laje, Plataforma, Salvador de Bahia

Ships Passing in the Night, exhibition at the Higher Administration Court in Kassel, Kunstverein Heidelberg, Documenta Hall in Kassel, Torre Grimaldina at Palazzo Ducale in Genova, Italia and Fumetto Lucerne


2017      ETHEREA, UNIVERSO DIGITALE, “il medium è il messaggio", Palazzo Ducale Genova, Italia

2017      Le latitudini dell’arte (16 july — 19 august), Palazzo Ducale Genova, Italia

2017     Ships Passing in the Night at Satellites Fumetto Comicfestival Lucerne

2017     PEACE PROJECT, Segrete – Tracce di Memoria, Torre Grimaldina at Palazzo Ducale Genova, Italia

2016     Es war einmal ein Land, group exhibition with Mounira Al Solh, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan,
              Johanna Diehl, Cevdet Erek, Bengü Karaduman, José F. A. Oliver, Iz Öztat, Zişan, Wael Shawky

              at Kunstverein Heidelberg

2015     examen 2015, exhibition at Documenta-Hall, Kassel

2015     Ships Passing in the Night, exhibition at the Town Hall, Kassel

2015     Ships Passing in the Night, exhibition at the Higher Administration Court, Kassel

2014     The Unknown, group exhibition in coorporation with Daegu Art Square (South Korea),
               Galerie Rasch, Galerie Petschelt and Warte für Kunst, Kassel

2013     Interventionen, group exhibition at Regional Council Kassel

2012     Damenstammtisch, group exhibition with Kati Rickenbach, Ulli Lust, Gabriele Bell,  

               Vanessa Davis, Caroline Sury, Aisha Franz und Sharmila Banerjee at Fumetto, Lucerne

2011      Megaboom  at Nextcomic-Festival, Linz (Austria)

2010      Group exhibition of the Summeracademy for Comic Art at Caricatura Kassel

2010      Body and Environment, group exhibition in Seoul, South-Corea

2009      Fusions, exhibition with Heidi Wild at the culture center UNION, Basel 

2009      On the Brink, Photography Exhibition (a project against social exclusion) Erlangen 

2009      Images of Women, exhibition with Heidi Wild at the culture center UNION, Basel 

2004      Joy, Photography Group Exhibition of Basel School of Design in the children hospital in Basel